The pool of the Beauséjour campsite in Sérignan

Pool and paddling pool close to the sea!
Nothing better than to cool off with a swim in the swimming pool of the campsite under the sun of Languedoc-Roussillon where the weather is at the rendezvous of the holidays.
400 m² of pool invite you to go for a swim and have fun in a water always at the right temperature. In fact, at the Beauséjour campsite, the pool is heated from April to September to offer you maximum comfort and the guarantee of enjoying the benefits of fresh water. Similarly, the beach chairs are subtly refreshed thanks to foggers. This aquatic area is lined with lavender and olive trees, a typical Mediterranean setting! On the island in the center of the pool, the bain à remous extérieur invites you to total relaxation.

2400 m² of aquatic happiness in the south of France

A large mushroom-fountain and a toboggan sit in the paddling pool where children will feast in complete safety. In the pool, throughout the week, athletes will be welcome to water aerobics classes to fully enjoy the holidays in Sérignan and keep fit at the same time.
The sea is never far from the campsite Beauséjour and it is only a few steps from the 2400 m² of the aquatic area of the area where you can enjoy the large sandy beach.

The choice of fresh or salt water just a few steps in a charming setting, your stay in Sérignan beach will surprise you ...


- Opening from 10 am to 8 pm.

- Access to the swimming pool is strictly forbidden to people who do not wear their Beauséjour bracelets.

- It is forbidden to penetrate shod on the beaches. Swimmers must not use the foot bath for purposes other than those for which it is designed.

- Before entering the pool, bathers must obligatorily pass under the shower and in the foot bath. (The shower is used to remove sunscreen, perspiration, dirt, sand and sea salt, etc. which promote the increase of chloride levels).

- Strollers, parasols, fins, snorkels, mattresses, ball games and balloons etc ... are prohibited.

- It is forbidden to run on beaches, dive or jump.

- It is forbidden to spit.

- It is forbidden to smoke, chew gum, eat or drink in the pool. An outdoor terrace is provided for this purpose.

- It must not be introduced animals.

- Access to the swimming pool is forbidden for persons with suspicious skin lesions.

- Bandages are forbidden.

- Children under 8 and those who can not swim must be accompanied by an adult. Children are admitted under the responsibility of parents.

- The wearing of swimming trunks is obligatory for all, (children and infants included). Shorts, boxers and diapers are prohibited.

- For the safety and respect of others please refrain from shouting.

All these recommendations are made for your comfort, cleanliness and safety.

Anyone who does not respect the rules will be expelled from the pool, and in case of recidivism, camping.

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Camping Sérignan bain à remous extérieur Sun at the Beauséjour campground in Sérignan Olive-trees and lavender around the pool Working out at the swimming pool of the Beauséjour campground Waterslide and mushroom's shower where children have fun Deckchair area under the mediterranean sun Heated swimming pool at the Beauséjour campground Aquatic area at the beach front Beauséjour campground 400m² of heated swimming pool available for you at Sérignan


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Camping Beauséjour à Sérignan-Plage

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