Plage de transat au camping Beauséjour à Sérignan Outdoor heated pool and toddler’s area

There is nothing more pleasant than to refresh yourself by taking a little dip in the swimming pool.In Languedoc-Roussillon, great weather is waiting for you during the holidays.

400 m² swimming pool under the sun awaits you with typical Mediterranean environment, surrounded by lavender and olive-trees. In fact, the pool is heated from April to September at the Beauséjour campground for your own comfort, thereby guaranteeing that you can enjoy your swim to the full. You are invited to relax in the jacuzzi on the island in the middle of the pool. You can swim a few strokes in the 400 m² pool and splash around in the water always heated at an ideal temperature.Likewise, the deckchair areas are lightly cooled thanks to the mist sprays.

Camping Sérignan piscine enfants

2400 sq m of happiness for the whole family

If you wish to take advantage of your holidays at Sérignan you can work out, at our aquaerobics sessions throughout the week where you will be very welcome. The children will really enjoy playing completely safe in the paddling pool which has a waterslide and a large mushroom fountain.

At the Domaine de Beauséjour, the beach is never too far away. Only a short stroll from the campsite’s 2400 m² aquatic area, and you can also enjoy the large white, sandy beach. Surrounded by charming scenery and the choice between fresh or salt water, your holidays won’t fail to amaze you.

Summer holidays at Sérignan

Internal regulations swimming pool

The pool is open from 10 6 p.m. every day.

All persons who are not wearing a bracelet on their wrist or ankle have no access to the pool.

Before entering the pool it is indispensable to take a shower as well as passing throught the foot bath. The foot bath have the purpose to eliminate sun cream, sweat, dirt, salt and sand. These impurities lead to an increase of bacteria.

Furthermore it is not allowed to wear any shoes at the pool; they have to be left by the foot bath. The foot bath has the only purpose to clean the feet, any other activities in it are forbidden.

Due to hygienic reasons, eating, smoking, chewing as well as drinking (except of water) is strictly prohibited. A designated area next to the pool is provided for eating, drinking and smoking.

Baby buggies, parasols, flippers, inflatable mattresses, ball games, balls or the like have to be left outside.

For your own safety it is not allowed to allowed to run, to dive or to jump.

Not spitting allowed .

Unfortunatelly, animals are not accepted at our pool.

All persons showing external injuries, or those wearing a bandage or cast are not permitted to the pool.

All visitors (including children and babies) have to wear a bathing suit; shorts, boxers and nappies are forbidden due to hygienic reasons.

Children under the age of 8 as well as non-swimmers are obligated to be accompanied by an adult.
Parents have to take full responsibility for their children.

To show consideration to the other bathers and due to security reasons it is not allowed to screaml.

Please note that all these regulations are designed to contribute to your well-being, security and protection. All these regulations are impose conditions of the local authorities.

The campsite reserves the right to banish all persons from the pool in case of not respecting the regulations and with repetition to exclude him or her from the campsite.

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Camping Sérignan jacuzzi Sun at the Beauséjour campground in Sérignan Olive-trees and lavender around the pool Working out at the swimming pool of the Beauséjour campground Waterslide and mushroom's shower where children have fun Deckchair area under the mediterranean sun Heated swimming pool at the Beauséjour campground Aquatic area at the beach front Beauséjour campground 400m² of heated swimming pool available for you at Sérignan

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