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Camping Beauséjour à Sérignan-Plage

Here you can find all the details you need to know before renting a mobile home, chalet or a camping pitch at Beauséjour Campsite in Sérignan
Adresse : La Maïre plage de la Séoune
Code Postal : 34410 - Localité : Sérignan Plage
Région : Languedoc-Roussillon
Téléphone : +33(0)4 67 39 50 93

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Terms and conditions



Acceptation of the rental contract
- With the approval of the administrative manager - with your signature at the bottom of the contract ;
- after having paid 30% of the total costs, which will be deducted from your final invoice +20 € non-refundable booking fee. An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to you, which you have to present at the reception on your arrival;
We cannot make a booking for a specific plot number or accomodation.
- All campers are responsible for taking an insurance to cover their caravan, tent, equipment and personal liability.

Payment - Guarantee
Cottages : the balance must be paid 30 days before the date of arrival. After this deadline, the contract will be automatically cancelled without further notice.
Pitches : the balance must be paid on your arrival.
Caution : 200 € for possible damage or loss, that will be reimbursed after inspection of the cottage. Eventually incurring bank or postal charges are at the expense of the client.
Delay - Extension - Early departure - You should notify us of any delay. If we do not hear from you, the pitch will be allocated to another client after 12 p.m. on the following day. For extension of a holiday, it is necessary to obtain the approval of the bookings manager at least three days before departure. As the cost of your holiday is calculated according to the booking dates stated in the contract, there will be no reduction for early departure or late arrival, even if we are given advanced warning of these.
Cancellation - All booking cancellations should be received at the earliest opportunity IN WRITING (telephone messages are not accepted).
For cancellations received 6 weeks prior to the arrival date we reimburse the full downpayment (excluding reservation fees). Hereafter only in case of hospitalisation or death of a close member of the family on presentation of supporting evidence.


Timetable - The key collection is between 16-20 p.m. At your departure the cottage must be left netween 7 and 10 a.m. If not, an additional day will be invoiced without profiting from the cottage. In the event of departure the day before, we should inspect the cottage till 19 p.m. For all departures between 19 p.m. and 7 a.m. the deposit of 200 € will be held behind until the control of the accomodation has taken place.
Smoking is prohibited inside the MobileHomes.
Inventory - Cleaning - On arrival, you have 24 hours to control the inventory with the corresponding list inside the cottage as the general state of the cottage and to signal all anomalies to the reception. Hereafter, any object deteriorated or lacked will be invoiced. At departure, the tenant must clean the cottage and leave it in a good state. The inventory must be complete (checked at each departure).
48 hours before departure, an appointment for the control of the cottage must be made at the reception.
The sooner you fix an appointment, the greater your choice. The fridge must be defrosted and cleaned before your departure. Do not close the door but leave it ajar.
If the cottage hasn’t been cleaned at the time of the control, 60 € will be invoiced to you. You can opt for this possibility on your arrival.


Security - The management accepts no responsibility for theft, loss or damage caused by bad weather or accidents occurring inside the campsite.
Open fires and charcoal or electric barbecues are prohibited.
Access code - To enter the campsite you have to go through a set of automatic gates, operated by the use of a strictly personal access code.
This code is programmed for the length of your stay. If you extend your stay, you must contact the reception for reprogramming.
Car Badge : you will receive a car badge with the number of your pitch or
accommodation, as well as bracelets for the security in the interior of the campsite. A deposit of 50 € will be asked for both.
The car patch needs to be placed visibly inside the car to be allowed to enter the campsite and the bracelets have to be worn non-stop during your stay on the campsite. We will reimburse the deposit at the day of your departure when handing back the bracelets and the patch.
Second vehicle : It is not authorized to park a second vehicle on your pitch.It has to be left on the private parking lot at the entry of the campsite.
Traffic - Noise - The speed limit is 10 km/h.
Inside the campsite, parking is prohibited on access roads and tracks. VEHICLES MUST BE PARKED ON THE PLOT. Never park your vehicle on a neighbouring plot, even if it does appear to be unoccupied, campers may arrive at any time. The owner of a car occupying a neighboring pitch will have to pay the day for this pitch occupied by his car. When parking a car on a separate pitch, the owner of this car is requested to pay the day price of this pitch. The gates are closed between 24 and 7 a.m. All movement of vehicles is prohibited during this time. The sound of radios, TV’s etc. should not be audible beyond the perimeter of the plot. Between 24 and 8 a.m. everyone must respect his neighbours’ right to an undisturbed rest.
For security reasons, the campsite is under video surveillance.
Bracelets : for your own security it is mandatory to wear the bracelet inside the campsite. All people not wearing the bracelet will be asked to leave the campsite.
Due to hygienic reasons, swim- and board shorts are prohibited in the swimming pool. Children must be accompanied by their parents.
To rent a fridge :
The campsite works with an external firm that rents fridges. The fridge will be delivered directly to your pitch. A deposit of 80 € will be asked at the delivery and returned when the fridge is picked up at the end of your stay. The campsite cannot be hold responsible for any organizational problems or inconveniences.
Extension cables and power strips are not furnished.
Pets - Potentially dangerous dogs (categories 1 and 2, order of 27.04.99) are not permitted.
Pets are accepted on presentation of a vaccination book (order of 22.01.85). They must be tattooed or chipped (order of 30.06.92), be not aggressive and be kept on a leash at any time. Owners are responsible for removing their droppings. They must never be left alone in a car, caravan or tent, on a plot or tied to a tree.
Everybody is obliged to respect the interior rules (which are provided at your arrival) of the campsite, the swimming pool and all facilities.