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Camping Beauséjour offers a wide range of comfortable accommodation. In this section you will find all the details of mobile homes, cottages and chalets available for rent within our camping village. All rentals are fully equipped with fridge, microwave or oven, dishes, blankets, pillows and duvets. All our beds are mobile (except the bunk beds).
In order to avoid traffic jams and to give you more flexibility in the organization of your stay, we accept, as far as possible, according to the availability of the campsite, the arrivals and departures on the day of your choice so do not hesitate to contact us!
As a security measure, each rental or location corresponds to a maximum of 6 people (including babies)

Our pets are welcome (1 pet per rental).

It is formally forbidden to smoke inside mobile homes and chalets out of respect for our guests and to ensure the cleanliness and freshness of the accommodation, our rentals are non-smoking.
Warning: sheets and linen are not provided. Our prices include water and electricity, plus tourist tax.

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Mobile-home mezzanine au camping Beauséjour Mobile-home mezzanine au Beauséjour, Sérignan Aerial view of the campground The entrance Cottage's terrace during a summer morning Walking along the paths of the Beauséjour campground View of the campground Gitotel Paths between the cottages into the Beauséjour campground Holiday's trophy Cottage with terrace Mobil-home Chalet Strolling into the property Flowers and cottages Detail of a mobile-home Cottages into the Beauséjour campground Mobil-home rentals Vegetation of the property At the Beauséjour campground mobil-home rentals At the edge of the sea, mobil-home rentals Mobil-home rentals into a mediterranean frame Book your mobil-home in the south of France at the Beauséjour (...) Mobil-home rentals at Sérignan Summer holidays in a mobil-home at Sérignan


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Camping Beauséjour à Sérignan-Plage

La Maïre plage de la Séoune
34410 - Sérignan Plage - Occitanie
Téléphone : +33(0)4 67 39 50 93
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